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 SMART Modular’s DDR4 NVDIMMs Reach New Speed Threshold

NEWARK, CA, September 3, 2020 — SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGH), a global leader in memory modules, solid-state storage products and hybrid solutions, today announces new higher density 16GB and 32GB NVDIMMs which run at DDR4-3200 high speed bus rates.  

These products, incorporating Micron® advanced DDR4 DRAM technology in combination with SMART’s high-speed PCB designs, significantly improve signal integrity, resulting in broader design margins even at the highest DDR4 bus speeds.  NVDIMMs have seen wide adoption in applications requiring “normal” memory operation at DRAM bus clock rates. SMART’s new NVDIMMs also use Micron advanced 3D NAND technology which provides highly reliable memory persistence in the event of a system crash or power outage, with minimal back-up and restore times.

“We are pleased that SMART is employing Micron’s DRAM and 3D NAND technologies in its newest leading-edge NVDIMM products to offer maximum reliability and performance,” stated Malcolm Humphrey, vice president of marketing of the Compute & Networking Business Unit at Micron. “Enterprises that need resilient memory and storage to ensure constant availability of mission-critical information will benefit from SMART’s NVDIMMs.”

The NVDIMMs operate as standard DDR4 RDIMMs with unlimited write endurance, combined with integrated persistence capability. This creates highly efficient write acceleration in flash storage appliances and high-speed recovery capability in cloud data centers. SMART NVDIMMs offer the full feature set currently defined by JEDEC standards. Additionally, AES-XTS 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) provides enhanced data protection. SMART also offers a comprehensive set of intelligent back-up power modules (BPM) in various form factors which provide temporary power during back-up operations.  

SMART provides comprehensive firmware and technical support directly to its customers for NVDIMM and BPM products underscoring its commitment to providing long-term NVDIMM support. SMART has a proven 10-year track record of successfully designing, manufacturing and supporting NVDIMMs and BPMs. It has been a key contributor, along with other industry partners, in establishing the evolving NVDIMM ecosystem.

  SMART Modular’s DDR4 NVDIMMs Reach New Speed Threshold  관리자 2020/09/04 76 14
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