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 SMART DRAM Memory for Defense Applications

Why DRAM Memory?
SMART’s DRAM memory products for defense applications are built
to withstand the extreme environments military settings demand.
They are put through a rigorous mission-critical test process and can
be specifically enhanced for protection from extreme temperatures,
vibration, moisture, and exposure to severe environmental conditions,
making them ideal for military field applications.
SMART’s memory modules are offered in a variety of form factors
and DRAM technologies. SMART provides long-term product support
specifically aligned for defense and industrial applications.

SMART DRAM Memory for Defense Applications

Special features to support defense applications

1. 100% high and lowtemperature testing

2. Component underfil for vibration resistance

3. Anti-sulfur passive components for environmental protection

4. Conformal coating for moisture and environmental protection

5. Selective DRAM component sourcing for high attitude applications.

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