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 Why use SMART for your memory needs?

Why Use SMART for Your Memory Needs?

Top 10 reasons why to use SMART (not in any particular order)

1.        Engineering
•        Focus on leading-edge capabilities and preparation
•        Focus on continuity-of-supply solutions
•        Focus on legacy support

2.        Test
•        In-depth knowledge and expertise of memory technologies
•        Ability to identify and solve problems
•        Long-term supplier of Enterprise Memory

3.        Quality
•        100% focus on delivering high quality products
•        Leading-edge manufacturing equipment and Processes

4.        Application/Product Solutions
•        Wide variety of products targeted to support unique industry requirements and challenges
•        Ruggedized products for high-temp applications and extreme environmental exposure

5.        Enduring partnerships with customers
•        Steady, uninterrupted supply chain
•        Able to provide long-term, consistent support through all market and technology cycles

6.        Long-term partnerships with suppliers
•        Superior buying power compared to other 3rd party module makers
•        Long-term supplier relationships leverages pricing and component availability

7.        Financials
•        Low risk of failure and high reliability for long-term support
•        Publically listed in NASDAQ under ticker “SGH”
•        $2.3B in Sales for FY2018

8.        Longevity
•        Ability to weather all market cycles
•        30+ years’ experience in the memory business
•        Long-term experience supporting all types of customers and applications
•        Experienced management team

9.        Focus on Industry Collaboration, Memberships and Partners

10.        Global Footprint

Call to Action
•        I think you already know what to do!

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