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 DRAM Product Highlight from SMART Modular - Persistent Memory

NVDIMM-N Updates:

•         SMART is shipping qualification samples of 16GB DDR4-2666 NVDIMMs (P/N SH2047NJ420493SB)

•         These have the JEDEC I2C command set and are targeted for next-generation Intel Skylake CPU-based server and storage systems

•         Systems from Intel, Supermicro, Tyan and other OEMs that use Intel’s Skylake CPU are expected to start shipping in Q2’17

•         SMART is completing SMTL validation test reports that will be posted on our public website at SMART SMTL Test Reports <>

•         These are SMART’s standard SMTL system validation test reports where 500 backup/restore cycles have been added to the test procedures

•         The validation reports for Supermicro and Intel systems will be posted shortly


NVDIMM-Enabled Systems:

•         Supermicro X10DRI, X10DRU, X10DRS, X10DRC – are some of the more common systems that support SMART’s 8GB and 16GB DDR4-2400 NVDIMMs

o   Ongoing qualifications are in progress with Supermicro

•         Intel S2600TP, S2600CW, and S2600WT fully support SMART’s 8GB & 16GB NVDIMMs

o   Intel requires a SOW (Statement of Work) to be signed with their end customers to get access to the NVDIMM supported BIOS  The SOW needs to name SMART as a NVDIMM supplier.  Please make sure to tell end customers using these systems about this.

•         Intel S2600BP, S2600WF, S2600ST – DDR4-2666 NVDIMM quals are in progress, expected completion in early Q1’17

•         Other NVDIMM systems: AIC, Advantech, ZT

•         ODM Support-  We are working with most of the ODMs in Taiwan and China

•         Tier 1 OEMs – We have qualified and are in progress with several Tier 1 NVDIMM quals

Performance Benefits of NVDIMM-N:

•         Faster system performance by having direct memory access to Persistent Memory

•         Non-volatile memory on the DRAM bus significantly optimizes data movement, delivering faster access

•         Low latency, high performance and near infinite endurance of DRAM

•         Fast recovery from system power loss

•         Software overhead eliminated

Targeted Usage:

•         Journaling: reduced recovery time

•         Traditional Database: Log acceleration by write combining and caching

•         Enterprise Storage: Tiering, caching, write buffering and meta data storage without an auxiliary power source

•         Virtualization: Higher VM consolidation with greater memory density

•         High-Performance Computing: Check point acceleration and/or elimination

•         NVRAM Replacement: Higher performance enabled by removing the DMA setup/teardown

•         Other: Object stores, unstructured data, financial & real-time transactions


•         Please see more NVDIMM collateral available on SMART’s website at SMART NVDIMM <>

DRAM Product Highlight from SMART Modular - STEP Technology
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