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 Smart Module DRAM Highlite

COM Express Boards
•        COM Express boards are used for a wide variety of embedded computing applications such as kiosks, digital signage, industrial control, broadcast communications, medical devices, defense equipment, test and measurement equipment, avionics, energy equipment, and transportation
•        These computing applications are often exposed to harsh operating conditions with limited or no system air flow
•        There are several types of standard COM Express boards including Mini (Type 10), Compact (Type 5), Basic (Type 6), and Qseven


•        COM Express vendors have a need for the highest density of memory possible which is used for loading the operating system as well as processing larger and larger amounts of data
•        COM Express boards use either down-board DRAMs or SO-DIMMs which are configured as non-ECC or ECC depending on the CPU and the type of data being processed.  32GB of DDR4 memory across two SO-DIMM's with no ECC in a high temp environment is a very common requirement
•        Some COM Express OEMs are buying Commercial Grade SO-DIMMs then screening the entire COM Express board to Industrial Grade. This method clearly does not stress the memory adequately enough to insure Industrial Grade operation and reliability in the field
•        COM Express OEMs include Sea Level Systems, DTECH, Esterline, Advantech, Radisys, Kontron, Adlink, X-ES, Axiomtek, Aaeon, Arbor Technology, Portwell, and many others

SMART’s Memory Solutions for COM Express Applications
•        SMART’s memory solution for COM Express applications are its DDR3 & DDR4 Industrial Grade SO-DIMMs.  Some benefits of SMART’s SO-DIMMs are:
o        Stringent and extensive in-house Industrial Grade memory screening
o        Competitive lead-times compared to using SO-DIMMs built with industrial temp DRAMs
o        Competitive pricing compared to using SO-DIMMs built with industrial temp DRAMs
o        Eliminate the need for COM Express OEMs to do their own industrial grade temperature screening and the associated risk of memory errors in the field
•        SMART offers DDR4 SO-DIMMs from 4GB to 16GB and DDR3 SO-DIMMs from 1GB to 16GB
•        The benefits for using modules instead of down-board DRAMs include:
o        Memory density and speed scalability
o        Offload memory testing and quality to SMART
o        Reduced system routing complexities, reduced layer count, improved signal integrity
o        Easier qual process due to die rev changes
o        Highest density within the smallest board space
•        If COM Express OEMs have end customers with mission–critical applications, SMART can offer Enterprise Grade SO-DIMM to insure the industry’s highest DRAM reliability
•        SMART can also provide SO-DIMM with heat spreaders if a specific application requires them

Call to Action
•        Please contact the COM Express OEMs listed above as well as any others in your area to make sure they are aware of the benefits that SMART can provide
•        Please pursue at least one new COM Express design win using SMART’s industrial grade SO-DIMMs

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