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 DDR4 Mini Overview

General Update:
•        A ULP Mini-RDIMM has been added to the roadmap.  It will be offered in 4GB and 8GB densities starting in April
•        The VLP Mini-UDIMM densities were expanded to support 4GB and 8GB 1Rx8.  Total supported densities range from 4GB to 16GB
•        The difference in height between ULP and VLP is the height (ULP = 17.78mm, VLP = 18.75mm)
•        In addition to the vertical connector, a new 22.5° angled connector is now available from Molex.  This helps to expand the options for saving OEMs board space

DDR4 Mini-DIMM Applications:
•        DDR4 Mini-DIMMs are being used in multiple networking, telecom, and storage applications
o        Networking - Application delivery platforms/traffic management/routers
o        Telecom - Switching equipment
o        Storage – SAN, NAS appliances
•        Intel networking reference platform code named Camelback Mountain can support Mini-DIMMs

Why Mini-DIMMs?:
•        Small form factor module, 80mm length with variable heights (standard height, ULP, VLP)
•        High density up to 16GB
•        High speed up to DDR4-2400
•        Uses up to 30% less board space vs. SO-DIMMs or standard DIMMs
•        Extra power and ground pins vs. SO-DIMMs for higher reliability and better signal integrity
•        More robust latched connector vs. SO-DIMMs
•        JEDEC standard pinout

DDR4-2133 Mini-DIMM Products:

16GB        SH2047MU410851SBV
8GB        SH1027MU410851SBV
8GB        SH1027MU451851SDV
4GB        SH5127MU451851SDV

8GB        SH1027MR410851SBU
4GB        SH5127MR451851SDU

16GB        SH2047MR410851SB
8GB        SH1027MR451851SD

DDR4 Mini-DIMM-to-DIMM Adaptor:
•        SMART designed a Mini-DIMM-to-DIMM  adaptor for customers to test Mini-DIMMs on standard DIMM systems while their new designs are in progress

Reference Material:
•        Mini-DIMM product overview

Call to Action:
•        Continue to seek out DDR4 Mini-DIMM opportunities!

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