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 DRAM Product Highlight from SMART Modular - STT-MRAM


•        Spin-Transfer Torque (STT) MRAM – The spin of the electrons is flipped using a spin-polarized current to signal a binary one or zero
•        STT MRAM properties include unlimited endurance, non-volatility, high speed, and byte addressability
•        STT-MRAM is a future DRAM replacement candidate
•        SMART is partnered with Everspin to launch a number of STT-MRAM-based card products
•        SMART is the only company selling card products using STT-MRAMs from Everspin

•        Half Height Half Length (HHHL) PCIe NVMe SSD targeted for  Q1’18 with 1GB and 2GB densities
•        U.2 NVMe SSD targeted for Q2’18 with 1GB and 2GB densities
•        Future products will scale to higher densities

•        Highest performing, ready to use NVMe storage accelerator
•        Ultra-low 6μs latency
•        1,500,000 IOPs performance
•        Durable, persistent memory
•        Two access modes:
o        Memory mapped I/O
o        Block based (NVMe)  
•        Peer-to-peer (PeerDirect and fully offloaded NVMe over Fabric)
•        Standard Windows/Linux NVMe drivers
•        No need for batteries or SuperCaps
•        Powered nvNITRO STT-MRAMs from Everspin

•        Low latency log buffer for financial trading
•        Storage arrays for high-speed write caching
•        Tiering and OLTP log cache
•        Remote shared persistent memory

•        Q1’18 sales training webcasts to be scheduled with support from Everspin

•        Marketing slides attached
•        Link to demo video from SC’17

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•        Identify potential customers who want to evaluate our HHHL PCIe NVMe SSD

Memory of Defense Application
mSATA SSD embedded(Internal) SATA Module

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