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 DRAM Product Highlight from SMART Modular - STEP Technology


STEP Technology:
•        SMART completed testing of its STEP technology.  STEP stands for ‘Step Tee Enhanced Placement DIMM’
•        STEP is an added PCB substrate that elevates every other DRAM on a module
•        Benefits:
o        Doubles the number of DRAM placements on a module
o        Doubles the density of a module
o        Can be used with high-speed SDP (single die package) and DDP (dual die package) DDR4 DRAMs
o        Saves cost by avoiding use of 3DS DRAMs
•        Module thickness using STEP is 7.3mm which complies with JEDEC DIMM spacing standards
•        SMART patented technology
First Product Using STEP Technology:
•        SMART’s first product using STEP technology is a 16GB DDR4-2400 ULP Mini-RDIMM (P/N SH2047MR410872SBU)
•        It uses 18 8Gb SDP DDR4 DRAMs (mainstream DRAMs)
•        Applications for ULP Mini-RDIMMs include Micro Servers used in Datacenters, Industrial/Embedded Computing, and Enterprise Network Routers

Reference Material:
•        SMART STEP Technology slides

Call to Action
•        Become familiar with SMART’s STEP Technology
•        Find opportunities for SMART’s 16GB DDR4-2400 ULP Mini-RDIMM
•        Discuss with customers if they have a need to adopt STEP Technology in different module form factors

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